Preparing For Your Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session

Lifestyle Newborn

Preparing for your Lifestyle Newborn Session

The day is finally here to photograph your new, little love!  As a Bay Area Lifestyle Newborn Photographer, I want to make sure your session is a success!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to ensure our time together goes smoothly!

These are just a guide so do your best and please reach out with any questions.

  • Tidy Up!  I know I know.  That last thing you want to do is clean your house but hear me out!  Do not worry about dusting or cleaning up your kitchen sink full of dishes!  Those are all okay.  What I do mean is tidy up the rooms we will be shooting in.  If its your bedroom, clear off night stands and hide all cords, maybe even add some fresh flowers to jazz things up.  In your living room, hide blankets, toys and any cords as well.  Nursery is pretty simple but just straighten things up a bit.  I am always happy to help and often do once I arrive so if you can’t get to it before I get there, no worries!
  • Keep baby awake! Prior to our session, try to keep baby awake.  Some tips to keep baby up are stimulating them by giving them a bath or undressing them and just holding them in a blanket.  Feeding them about 30 minutes before I arrive is another great way to ensure baby is sleepy during their session.
  • Clothing is important!  I cannot stress this enough and that is why I am now building a client closet for moms to wear at their Lifestyle Newborn Sessions.  Think light colors so white, ivory, khaki, light blue, light pink, or light green.  Neutral tones photograph very nicely and tend to work best for newborn sessions.  Long maxi dresses for mom and light shirts/pants for dads.  Please inquire about my Client Closet of dresses as well as the option to use my online styling platform through Style & Select!
  • Be Calm!  It’s ok if baby is fussy or crying or needs to eat every 10 minutes.  We will work around all of this.  If we need to take a lot of breaks for feeding or diaper changes, that is ok.  Most my newborn sessions last between 1-3 hours so take your time and don’t stress!
  • EAT!  And I’m not talking about baby.  Mom, feed yourself as well as your family.  Make sure everyone has full bellies which will hopefully minimize kiddo meltdowns and give Mom more energy
  • Relax and love on your new baby!  Most important piece of advice.  Try not to worry about getting all the right shots or having every perfectly put together.  Relax and take in the moment with your sweet, new bundle.

Alright, I think that’s it! If you have any questions or would like to book a Lifestyle Newborn Session with me, click here!

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