What Is A Lifestyle Branding Photo Session?

Lifestyle Branding/Headshots

Headshots are not supposed to be boring!  In fact, I love non-traditional headshots.  When this gorgeous lady reached out to me wanting headshots for social media and dating platforms, I wanted to make sure they were classic, bright, simple and timeless.  Her session is what I consider lifestyle.  We utilized many parts of her families property to give variety in the backgrounds and textures. She changed a couple times from a cute, summery dress to something a little for classic and finished off her session with jeans and a button down shirt. The perfect combinations!  

If you are wanting a Lifestyle Branding session to update photos for social media or dating platforms, I do suggest an urban location or a studio. So, what’s your difference you ask? And more importantly, what is best for YOU? Let me explain::)

For urban branding sessions, the possibilities are endless.  Coffee shops are great for this as they have a lot of natural light, big windows and cool, eclectic furniture.  We can shoot from many different angles to capture you in your element.  If a coffee shop isn’t your thing, another option is to use brick walls or old, vintage buildings.  If you take a good look at your downtown, for me that is Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill or Concord, we have so many amazing buildings that would be perfect for branding sessions or even high school senior photos.   

If you are wanting the studio vibe, then I have the perfect spot for you!  I have the opportunity to use a studio in Dublin that has gorgeous natural light and furniture galore.  We can set up the perfect mock office with chairs, desk, fun back drops or just a simple, white brick wall.  The possibilities are endless here! 

So, if you are ready to book your branding session or simply just need updated photos of yourself, drop me a line!  I’d love to chat with you about your ideas and together we can create something that fits in line with exactly what you envision!

Ok, so are you ready to update those social media photos of you? Click here to BOOK NOW and we can get started!


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Emma – Northgate High School

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