So I hear you momma!  I understand that it can be tough to rally your kids, husband, wife, grandparents ::insert your family member here:: to show up for photos!  It's stressful to plan outfits and schedule photos around naps.  BUT I promise I am here to take that burden off your shoulders and make the process seamless.

Where do I start?  As you can see my lap and my heart are full.  Completely overflowing with SO much love.  I have a lot to be grateful for and trust me, I do not take one day for granted.  These people right here are my inspiration and biggest cheerleaders when it comes to my work.  They are the reason I keep pushing myself to be better.

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm kaitlyn, photographer, momma and lover of all things beautiful!

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That makes me the baby in the family and that I am! I wear the title loud and proud. Just kidding! But seriously, my big family is awesome! And if you know them, you know how amazing they are!  They are the reason I wanted a big family.  I loved the hustle and bustle and chaos with everyone home!

i am the youngest of six kids!

We had three girls exactly 2 years apart each and then took a four year break, only to be surprised by the most special boy on the planet! If you don’t know his story, hopefully I can share it with you one day!

I have four beautiful kids!

I bought my first camera 11 years ago before my oldest was born. I learned from watching youtube and practicing a ton on my kids and friends. It was the greatest hidden talent I never knew I had!  The best part of my job is meeting YOU and getting to know you better.  So many of my clients have turned into dear friends of mine.  I have so much to be thankful for!

I am all self-taught!

I grew up in the country and love that life! I love animals, getting dirty, riding 4-wheelers and working hard. My husband knows my life long dream is to live on a farm!  As a young girl, I raised rabbits and was in 4-H.  It taught me to work hard in life and gave me so much confidence.  Oh and country music, well that plays on repeat on my Alexa:)

i am a country girl through and through!

Ok, so I love sweets but I really just love food in general!  I love to bake, try new recipes, and eat at five star restaurants!  There aren't many foods that I don't like and as I get older, my palette has changed and I have grown to love so many different cuisines!

I could live off of cookies and cupcakes!






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I am here to tell your story.  Whatever that story is.  We often will start your session by getting that shot of everyone looking at the camera.  From there, I will direct you into natural poses whether that be running around, playing with your kids or simply being still.  It's all about capturing the connection that is unique and special to your family.  No two sessions look the same.  Kids will be kids and that is ok!  Your photos will tell a story of your real life and that's what matters most.  

I value connection and real, candid moments.  Show up, be yourself, love on your kids and spouse and let me do the rest.  Relax and enjoy being unplugged with only your family to focus on.

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