Top 5 Locations In The Bay Area For Family Photos


When you begin to plan your family photos, one important piece is figuring out what kind of location you want.  The Beach?  Views of the Golden Gate Bridge? Rolling Hills?  Mt. Diablo State Park?  Eucalyptus Trees?  The possibilities are endless.  Living in the Bay Area, we really have so much at our fingertips.

  1. Baker Beach

This location is very much sought after for everyone!  I have photographed many families here both at sunrise and sunset.  One important piece is checking the wind advisory for that day as it can often be very windy near the ocean.  Sunrise is a gorgeous time to take photos at Baker Beach as the Golden Gate bridge is often clear and very visible.

  1. Heather Farms in Walnut Creek

A favorite of mine and often packed with other photographers and families!  This location has much versatility from tall grasses, shady trees and fallen trees to sit on.  Perfect for families with little kids that need an easy, quick access to a location. Best part is you can bribe your kids to cooperate by going to play at the park after! Its’ a win-win all around! Such a cute spot in Walnut Creek!

  1. Martinez Shoreline

Another great spot to bring families to!  This location offers a wide variety of unique photo spots.  Tall shady trees, wide open grasses, bridges, wild flowers and of course the rocky beach.  It’s perfect for any and all families! I have a rhythm when I shoot here so we are sure to get the best of all it has to offer.

  1. Crow Canyon Gardens

This location is a cute, hidden gem!  When the golden hills aren’t your thing, consider this lush, green spot.  This community garden has so much to offer.  Lots of blooming flowers and fruit trees.  Easy to access and walk around for a variety of different backdrops. I often will take High Senior schools here as its the perfect spot to sit, stand and even use the flowers to shoot through!

  1. Mt. Diablo State Park and Views of Mt. Diablo

There are many locations in the East Bay that have stunning views of Mt. Diablo State Park.  I personally have a few secret spots that I love and often take my families to.  If you love the look of the rolling hills and views of Mt. Diablo, I know of some really great locations that are easy to get to with jaw-dropping views. If you want to shoot ON Mt. Diablo, consider Rock City. While the windy rocks up to Rock City can be nerve wracking, the overwhelming views and sculpted rocks are worth the trip!

Being a family photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area really has its perks and there is something for everyone. If these don’t suit your needs, consider traveling to Napa, Sonoma or St. Helena for a romantic session in wine country. These are just a few of my favorites, the rest are a good kept secret:)

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