Wildflower Motherhood Session [Alamo, CA Family Photographer]

Mommy + Me

Motherhood Wildflower Session – Celebrating that special mama in your life!

When I started my photography journey back in 2016, one of my first sessions was a mom and her 6 month old daughter.  There are STILL some of my favorite images.  Snuggling close, reading books, picking wild flowers and just being together in the moment.  There truly is nothing like being unplugged for an hour with your child and just being together.

Since then, I have photographed dozens of motherhood sessions.  Moms with newborns, toddlers, school aged kids and high schools.  ALL kinds of moms!  My favorite time for Motherhood Sessions are Spring.  In the East Bay of California, we get a bloom of gorgeous wildflowers that literally cover the hillsides and open spaces.  All kinds – yellow mustard flowers, orange poppies and purple lupins.  They ALL are absolutely beautiful and really add a fun element to any photo session.  

This year, the flowers bloomed really early, like end of December!  Usually they don’t start til about end of February so the early bloom was totally unexpected.  But I am here for it!  

I usually have a few favorite go-to spots for the wildflowers that I KNOW will always be there.  Lafayette has a beautiful ridge that is loaded with them as well as Walnut Creek, which usually has random patches throughout the city.  If I told you this session was shot in the middle of a bunch of corporate buildings, would you believe me?!  Ha!  Seriously!  This patch of wildflowers is my favorite because one side has purple and white and the other side has yellow.   The sun sets in the perfect spot so it has become my go-to!

If you are a mama, family, expecting mama or senior, don’t wait and let’s book you a session in the wildflowers!  Click here to get in touch with my about a date!  I can’t WAIT to meet you!

mom and son together
wildflower mom and son
motherhood session
girl in wildflowers
daughter playing with mom
mother with kids
mother and daughters
daughter in hat in the wildflowers
girl playing in the flowers

THE HAT! Ok, how cute is this next series of this mama with her daughter!

Momma decided to add a hat for her and her daughter! I’m dying over the cuteness! This little girl was full of so much personality and she really just interacted with her mom organically without much prompting from me. How adorable are they!

mom and daughter wearing hats together

Can we talk about mom’s dress?

This dress is STUNNING in person! The color popped so well against the green and yellow! And the price point– SO affordable! It literally would look gorgeous on anyone! When booking a session with me, I always offer my styling services via Style & Select so please inquire if you are interested in help with styling — its a key piece in loving your photos!

Love what you see and want to reserve a date for your Motherhood Photography Session in the Bay Area?

I would LOVE to photograph you with your kids or family or even pets! There is no right or wrong time to book your Motherhood session, so reach out and let’s create magic together. Click HERE to book now!

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