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Spring time is such a wonderful time for family photos and truly, any kind of photo session! I wish the hills were green year round because it provides so much color and depth to photos — colors on clothing just seem to pop more which I love!

Here in Walnut Creek there is a specific trail/open space that has a super bloom of lupins and poppies. Every year the flowers bloom during spring and this spot is buzzing with all sorts of sessions. I photograph a lot of seniors at this location in the East Bay as well as families, maternity and even branding sessions. Any photo session looks good in a super bloom of wildflowers!

It’s important to note about this location that the space to walk/run is very small. It can often be hard for young kids because they don’t have the room to run around and play. It’s a small space but honestly, it’s so worth it. Typically I will start in the flowers and work my way up the hill where there are grand, rock features and open space to play and run around.

As a family photographer in the Bay Area, my number one goal is to take any stress off your back that comes a long with family photos — from the styling process to picking the location and even prepping your kids! Check out my post about how I run my sessions and what you can expect when booking with me — What to Expect At You Family Session — This guide has answered any questions you may have so please be sure to check it out!

Ok let’s get to the good stuff! Check out this cute family!

Ok how adorable is this sweet girl! She totally rocked this session! I will say with young kids, they often don’t want to just stand and smile! So it’s my job to redirect them to engage and have fun! As a photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have the experience of working with kids of all ages. I seriously have seen it ALL! Most the times, it takes a little bit of scheming and game playing for them to have fun!

My favorite part of the whole session!

We sat the kids down in on the open path in between the flowers and just let them explore! The lupins and poppies in the Bay Area are like nothing you’ve ever seen! So bright and lush!

We had the most perfect blue hour at the end of our session! Not sure what blue hour is? Let me explain! Blue hour is the 15 minutes after sun where the light is totally even, soft and sometimes blue. It’s just stunning! I will turn my families so they face the sun and the sun acts a reflector filling in all the shadows and making their skin glow! Trust me, it’s truly my favorite kind of light!

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