Tips For Using A Speedlite At Your Newborn Session

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I used to cringe at the thought of using flash.  In my mind, all I could think about is the deer-in-headlights photos of families where it’s obvious flash was used.  But as I did more research and educated myself, I learned that flash is far from that.  It gives you the power to control the light, something that is an incredibly important part of photography.  So are you ready to get started and try it for yourself?  I promise, you won’t regret it!

  1. Get a flash with TTL Mode!  I started out with a cheap $50 Speedlite off Amazon.  For my first few years in business, it did the job.  I didn’t really know what I was doing, but played with the settings until it looked ok in camera.  TTL mode is like Auto on your camera.  You put it on your camera, adjust your settings and the flash does it’s thing.  Simple right?!  I used to use TTL but now as I am getting better, I have switched to manual where I can adjust the power at any given time.  
  2. Bounce the flash!  There is a time and place for having the light directly at your subjects, but that time is not at at newborn session!  I try to find a neutral wall and bounce the light off it.  Typically that is the ceiling.  If I cant find a neutral wall, I will pull out the white card on the flash and bounce it off of that.
  3. Powerful batteries!  I always bring a set of eight batteries. Why you ask?  Depending on the recycle time of your speedlite, your batteries may overheat and slow down that recycle time.  I buy top of the line batteries so I have a fast recycle time and can click away without it failing to fire.
  4. Take it off your camera!  Another great way to add light to your session is by putting the speedlite on a stand.  You can move it to wherever you need light in the house which makes it convenient in low light situations.  Even putting it behind your subjects can create the illusion of window light.  
  5. Practice!  Days before your session, test it out in your own home.  Have your kids jump on the bed, play on the floor with their toys or built a fort around the couch.  This will give you the opportunity to learn all about how you can manipulate the light in the room.

SO, I hope I convinced you to try it out!  If you give it a shot and love it, let me know!  I’d love to hear how it goes!

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