Lime Ridge Open Space Family Photo Session [East Bay Family Photographer]


This family was such a dream to photograph! Lynn reached out wanting updated photos of her kids together with her and their grandparents. We needed to find a location that had space for her toddler to run around and play, as well as the family have space to walk, swing their kids and play games. The location on Lime Ridge in Walnut Creek/Concord, CA is such an amazing location because the sun sets right behind the dirt path in the summer time. There are even some gorgeous eucaplytus trees for the sun to stream through at golden hour.

We started first on the lower side of Lime Ridge where it was more flat for the first part of her family photography session. The light was still a bit harsher so we got a lot of the posey-posey ones out of the way and also incorporated some fun ones. As the sun began to set, we moved up to the higher part of Lime Ridge on the dirt path. This part of the open space is my favorite. We had gorgeous golden sun which made for incredible photos at the end.

As a family photographer in the Bay Area, it is my goal to help you find the perfect location for your family session. That is why I have created a list of all my favorite family photo locations in the East Bay which you can check out HERE! Now keep in mind, this is just a small list of where I have photographed families, kids and seniors, but know that there are so many more. If you have a location that you absolutely love and means something to you, let me know and we can chat about it. There are so many more photo locations in the Bay Area that aren’t on this list.

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff! Check out some of my favorites from this family photography session in Walnut Creek!

As you can see this kid did not want to sit still and trust me, that is completely normal and ok! It really makes for some fun candids! If your kids are not wanting to stand or sit still, let them be and I will try to redirect them during our family photography session!

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