6 Simple Tips for Magazine Worthy Senior Photos!

Senior Portrait Photography

It’s your Senior year!  Whether you are graduating from high school or college, having photos to document this milestone, is priceless! You’ve booked your session, your clothes are ready and it’s the day of the session, now what?  Well, I have six tips to help your session run smoothly!

1. Pick out clothing that reflects YOU!

I can’t stress enough how important clothing is!  I recommend 2-3 outfit changes… a dress, something casual like jeans and a cute top and maybe a fun sweatshirt from the college you are going to!  Even bringing an extra dress or shirt to have as a back up, is a good idea. Sometimes when you’re in the moment, something else might feel right so having options is never a bad idea. Senior photos don’t need to be boring, so have fun with it and do some shopping!

2. Location is EVERYTHING!

This is where my expertise comes in! I know the East Bay Area like the back of my hand. I have photographed high school and college graduating seniors in pretty much every open space in Walnut Creek. Ok ok, maybe that’s a stretch but my location rolodex is jammin’! So my first question to you, is what are you looking for in a location? Do you enjoy the outdoors and want to be in an open field? Are you more edgy and love the urban look? Maybe you are waiting around for the mustard flower blooms that make their debut in February-May in the East Bay? Or maybe you want to mix an urban location with an open field? Stay true to your style and likes — pick a location that reflects your personality… somewhere you know that you will be able to let loose and have fun. This amazing photography location is in the heart of Walnut Creek and has a little bit of everything. Wildflowers in the spring, cool rock formations, tall grasses, trees and even a cute, little fence. It truly has everything! Walnut Creek and the surrounding East Bay cities have so much to choose from so don’t hesitate to ask for my help!

3. Hair, makeup and nails… it ALL matters!

I highly suggest getting your makeup done and even your hair done for your session. I know it’s a splurge but you only get senior photos done once, so why don’t celebrate with a girls day! If you are a guy, make sure you trim your nails and clean them up. Every little detail counts and shows in the photos so be sure to touch up your nail polish as well. I also recommend wearing your hair down. Here’s why! I love movement in photos and having your hair down, helps provide dimension and movement. I don’t mind when it falls in your fall now and then or even when you mess it up! We’re gonna have fun so keep your hair down, will make that so much easier!

4. Get a good night sleep!

I think this one may be a hard one to stick by and I get it but I promise it’s worth it. I know you probably have a busy social life with friends, homework and school but going to bed early will help you feel refreshed and ready for your senior photos. Funny story, I had a senior guy come to his senior and he told me his mom booked him a facial for that morning! Not a bad idea!

5. Bring a support system… *hint* MOM!

I get it.  Being in front of the camera can be intimidating.  In fact, it’s overwhelming.  You may be feeling self conscious of yourself and worry about how the end photos will turn out.  Bringing your mom or a friend is the perfect way to ease those nerves.   Even a sibling!  I have had plenty of seniors bring their mom, sister and a friend.  They can help with the in-between moments while you change, manage the music and most importantly, be there to cheer you on! And guess what, whoever you bring, I am going to make sure you get a photo with them:)


The most important piece to making your senior photos beautiful is just to simply be yourself.  It’s easy to get caught up in scrolling Pinterest or Instagram for senior photo poses and ideas but try not to let that hinder you from being yourself.  I am there to help guide you into poses that feel natural, fun and authentic to who you are.  If it doesn’t feel right, we scrap it and move on.  No senior photo session is the same and my end goal, is for you to love your photos! So JUST. BE. YOU.

This senior session went down as a favorite of mine. This sweet girl showed up ready to have fun and it shows in her photos! Check out some more favorites of mine!

Like what you see and want to book your own senior photo session? Click here to inquire about my available dates! Hope to see you!

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Kaitlyn Rose Photography is located in the East Bay of San Francisco and photographs Seniors year round. She serves Walnut Creek, Danville, Lafayette, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, Alamo, Napa, San Francisco and many surrounding cities. Reach out to book now!

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