5 Tips to Help Your Family Photo Session Run Smoothly {Bay Area Family Photographer}


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This family was such a joy to photograph. I always tell parents when we finally meet up for their session, to really embrace this short amount of time we have together. Do exactly what you do at home with your kids – play, swing, snuggle, run, walk and sometimes just sit quietly together.

Below are FIVE simple tips to help you relax at your session and truly make the most of it!

1. Come Prepared!

Remember that scout motto? It applies to photo sessions too! Discuss outfits beforehand, aiming for coordinating colors and avoiding clashing patterns. You can read more about styling here! Pack extra water and dye-free snacks like gummy bears or fruit snacks. A hair brush is another must! It can be windy at locations and being able to fix your hair, will definitely make you feel more at was! A prepared family is a happy family (and happy families make for magical photos)!

east bay family photographer
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2. Feed the Beasts!

Hangry meltdowns are no laughing matter, especially at photo sessions. Schedule your shoot around nap times or mealtimes (and pack some extra snacks for good measure). A full belly and a happy disposition make all the difference in capturing genuine smiles and playful interactions.

3. Embrace the Giggles, Not the Grumbles

Let’s face it, not every pose will be picture-perfect. And that’s okay! As a Bay Area family photographer for over SEVEN years, I have truly seen it all. I do my best to capture a good mix of posed and candids as well as photos with genuine connection. So embrace the silliness, go with the flow, and trust that I will turn those unexpected moments into pure gold.

4. Make it an Adventure, Not a Chore

Remember, this is a fun family outing, not a forced photoshoot. Engage your kids! Let them explore the location, play games, and have fun together. A relaxed and playful atmosphere will naturally translate into beautiful, expressive photos. As a Bay Area family photographer, I will guide you on poses and prompts that feel natural, authentic and most importantly build connection between you and your family.

5. Relax, Remember, and Relish

Above all, take a deep breath and enjoy the experience. It’s about capturing the essence of your family, not achieving Pinterest-perfect poses. Be present, connect with your loved ones, and trust me to tell your unique story through my lens. After all, these photos aren’t just images, they’re memories in the making.

Like what you see and want to schedule your own family photo session? Please send me a message here! I would love to photograph your family and create timeless photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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